Whether you're looking for the most natural looking dentures available or simply need the most affordable, we here at Pell City Dental are ready to assist you with your denture needs.

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No two people are the same, right? We have different skin, eyes, hair and fingerprints. So why should dentures all look the same. They don't have to!

With the remarkable Geneva 2000™ dentures, your smile will be as unique as you are.

Geneva 2000™ Dentures are custom made for ultimate comfort, fit and beauty. For life-like appearance, the teeth are hand-crafted using over 12 different layers of colored porcelain. They incorporate the natural differences in shapes of individual teeth that make a beautiful smile.

These remarkable dentures are guaranteed for 2 years against breakage under normal wear. Visit the Geneva 2000™ Denture website for more detailed information.

Premium Dentures      TOP

Our Premium Dentures are the most natural looking and wear-resistant acrylic teeth available. The teeth and denture base of this denture are both of very high quality. This is the most appropriate denture for use against natural teeth. Premium Dentures Ivocap are guaranteed for 2 years against breakage under normal wear.

Deluxe Dentures      TOP

Deluxe Dentures have a high quality denture base and teeth, and are guaranteed for 1 year against breakage under normal wear.

Temporary Dentures      TOP

These temporary dentures are meant to be used only between the time of tooth extraction and the placement of the Premium Denture after the post extraction swelling has gone down. They are a temporary solution for people who cannot be without their front teeth. Since the denture is made before the extraction of the teeth there are no try-ins. No refunds made under any circumstances.

Ultra Suction      TOP

Ultra suction is a relatively new product. In a complete denture it is a pair of one way valves that allow air out from under a denture and then does not let air back in. In most cases this improves the retention of a complete denture, often enough on the upper denture to remove palatal portion (roof of mouth).

The process is to *reline the denture and the laboratory adds the valves. this takes approximately one week to accomplish. It seems to take about 3-6 weeks of wear to get the final maximum suction of the denture due to improvement as the gums allows the denture to settle.

Temporary Dentures ?      TOP

This is a standard denture that will be placed immediately after extractions. After 6-12 weeks you will have two options:

  1. Realign the temporary denture for fit and comfort
  2. Create a new denture at an added cost

We offer in-house denture/partial repair for our patients.

Contact us - 205-884-2370 - for assistance with your denture needs.

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