Additional Veneer Options


Composite Veneers


Improve the looks of your teeth without breaking the bank.  Ask us if this option will work for you!  

Composite is the "tooth colored" restoration of choice in most cases today.  This is the material that has replaced the silver fillings of yesterday.  It also is strong enough to use to replace the edges of front teeth.  


Ultimate Esthetics

This is Composite as well, but is TRULY a work of art that is put on in layers and takes a back seat to no other technique in terms of beauty.  Because of the time it takes to craft these restorations, they are more expensive than typical Composite Veneers. 

Porcelain or Zirconium Veneers 

The hardest materials for front teeth, as well as the most stain resistant, these veneers offer the maximum in longevity available today. 

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