The team at Pell City Dental Center is known for keeping their patients’ best interests at heart so that strong relationships can form and even stronger results can take hold. This is even truer when it comes to dental implants. Making the choice to move forward with dental implants can involve several factors including time, investment, trust, and comfort level. Our goal is to make the process as easy and as enjoyable as possible, which is why our team takes a kind, caring and trustworthy approach to treatment.

Over the years, Pell City Dental Center has created amazing results for our patients, with one patient even stating how excited they were to finally have a smile again. The dynamic work that Dr. Barnett and our staff deliver allow for transformative dental care that changes lives.

Do you think dental implants are the right choice for you? If you are missing one or more teeth, Dr. Scott Barnett can provide you with permanent replacements to help return your smile to full beauty and function.

What are dental implants?

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Natural looking

Long-lasting and durable

A permanent solution to missing teeth

Eat all your favorite foods with confidence

Improve your oral health

Feel proud to show off your smile again

What are the costs of dental implants?

There are many ways to restore a full arch of teeth with dental implants. Together, we will come up with a plan that works best for your individual needs and budget.


The implant is simply the part that is attached to your bone. The abutment is the part that attaches to the implant and sticks up above the gums. It is the part that is either crowned or attaches to a removable restoration (a partial or a denture).

>> Our fee for an abutment is $325.00

Dental Crowns:

A dental crown or cap is custom made to fit over the entire tooth, in order to restore the tooth to its original shape and size. Crowns can be made of gold, porcelain or porcelain fused to metal; we will work with you to determine which dental crown is right for your smile.

>> Our fee for a crown is $1,186.00

3D Scan / CT Scan:

A 3D scan is taken at our practice for our implant patients, which allows for the ultimate accuracy in determining how much of a patient’s bone is present, the quality of the bone present, the implant size recommended and if any anatomical structures are in the way.

>> Our fee for a single tooth 3D Scan is $85.00

>> Our fee for a full arch 3D Scan is $355.00

IV Sedation:

IV sedation is recommended for all of our implant patients but can be waved in the case of single-tooth implants.

>> Our fee for IV sedation is $449.00

Single tooth implant total: $3,044, includes implant, abutment, crown, 3D-scan and sedation.

Implants for a Full Arch

Implant dentistry fees can be complex as there are so many options depending on your specific needs and wants. Below is an outline of typical situations:

Option 1

This option is most like natural teeth, we will either place five implants on the lower or six on the upper. This is a fixed prosthesis.

Option 2

This is a personal favorite of Dr. Barnett. This option provides completely solid stability and retention and provides a better esthetic in the gum area.

Option 3

With this option, the overdenture is tissue supported. There is some movement but the denture stays in place during function.

Using the same fees and rules as above, the fee for two dental implants and a denture would cost $4,689.

For 3 implants and an overdenture, the cost would be $6,013.

*Call our office today for more details on pricing!

Alternatives to Dental Implants

Implant dentistry fees can be complex as there are so many options depending on your specific needs and wants. Below is an outline of typical situations:

Non-Implant Options for Replacing a Single Tooth

Tooth-Supported Fixed Bridge: This is the most common alternative to dental implant restoration for a single tooth. This treatment includes grinding away adjacent teeth, which will be attached to and used as support for the bridge. This treatment option may deteriorate over time, which could change the appearance of your face and smile. This option may also not last as long as an implant-support bridge and there are more care and maintenance required.

Removable Partial Dentures: This option doesn’t require adjacent teeth to be ground down, but they may not feel as stable or as comfortable as dental implants. This option can be less expensive but the look and functionality is of lower quality than an implant-supported crown. Partial dentures may impact your speech and eating and it may also lead to the bone underneath deteriorating overtime, changing the appearance of your smile or face.

Non-Implant Options for Replacing Multiple Teeth

Removable Partial Denture: This is an alternative to replacing multiple teeth but is not as stable as dental implant restored teeth. The removable partial denture can impact speech and eating, as it can slip as you speak, eat or laugh. This option is less expensive than dental implants, however, the look and functionality is not as natural. Like partial dentures for a single-tooth replacement, partial dentures for multiple teeth replacement can cause the bone underneath to deteriorate over time, which may cause the appearance of your natural smile and face.

Removable Complete Denture: With this option, an appliance sits on top of the gums where the missing teeth were. It is a low-cost alternative to dental implants but can be uncomfortable as it may impact the way your taste food, cause sore gums, or it may shift when you speak, eat, smile, yawn or a cough. Just like partial dentures, complete dentures can cause the bone underneath to deteriorate causing the natural appearance of your smile and face to change with time.