Your Insurance May Cover Dental Sealants
Dental sealants can do miracles for protecting your molars from cavities. Many people get oral sealants and love them, and yet many others do not. One of the reasons that many people don’t think about getting oral sealants is because they believe their insurance won’t reimburse them. Will your insurance cover the application of dental… Read more »

The American Dental Association Helps Consumers Find Quality Oral Care Products
Brushing your teeth each morning and night, while also remembering to thoroughly floss your teeth and gumline once each day forms the basis for a consistent oral hygiene routine. Yet the simple acts of brushing and flossing might not prove sufficient for preventing cavities and periodontal healthy problems. Indeed the quality of the oral care… Read more »

How Effective Is Your Flossing?
Your daily tooth care is vital because the attention you give to your smile will enhance the other steps you take to improve your oral health. You can’t enjoy the beautiful smile you want if you have developed tooth decay or gum disease. Effective flossing helps keep dental issues at bay and develop a more… Read more »

Should You See Your Dentist Only Twice a Year?
Seeing your dentist twice a year for exams is necessary to keep tooth decay and gum disease from invading your smile. Removing tartar is something only your dentist can do using professional tools. Along with brushing your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes, and flossing daily will help you maintain a healthy… Read more »

What Can Be the Cause of My Tooth Pain?
If you’re experiencing tooth pain, you’re probably wondering where it’s coming from. Oftentimes, this pain can be a symptom of a little or major dental problem. In a simple situation, a piece of food or a foreign object can be stuck between the teeth or in the gums. In a complex situation, one of these… Read more »

Getting Ready for Your Braces
At some point, your dentist may recommend that your child get braces. And if your smile could use some improvement, you may want to bring up the subject with the dentist yourself. Getting braces is a big step, and here are some things to consider before you get started. First, your dentist will need to… Read more »

Everything You Need to Know about Dentures
Whether you have dentures, know someone who does, or are considering them, there is a good chance you have questions. What’s important to know is that if you are missing teeth, dentures are a viable option for restoring your smile’s look, feel and function. The quality of dentures is constantly improving, too, allowing for better…

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The Complete Dental Implant Guide
If you suffer from missing teeth, you likely feel self-conscious and uncomfortable, especially when eating, talking or smiling. Beyond those issues, having missing teeth can also lead to oral health problems, such as speech problems, facial structure changes, and difficulty eating. Rest assured that dental implants can help. An implant procedure can provide you with… Read more »

The Best & Worst Halloween Candies
During the week of Halloween, Americans consume a shocking 90 million pounds of candy. The reason candy is harmful to your teeth is that bacteria in the mouth burn the sugar, which creates an acid. The acid then dissolves tooth enamel, which is the cause of cavities. Read on for the best and worst candies…. Read more »

Talking About Benzocaine
Sometimes, the pain in your mouth is in a place where it can’t be reached, but often, you can ease your discomfort with a topical pain reliever containing benzocaine. Products with benzocaine can be found in drug and retail stores. Benzocaine is effective at temporarily relieving discomfort, however, if you are experiencing pain in your…

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An Extracted Tooth Requires Some Basic Care During the Recovery Process
Dr. only uses a dental extraction as a last resort treatment to alleviate pain and prevent further infection from a severely decayed or traumatized tooth. Afterward, will provide you with any necessary prescriptions for an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, or pain medications. Maintaining the local gum tissues will go a long way towards speeding the recovery process… Read more »

It’s Natural for Incision Sites to Bleed After Tooth Extraction
There are several reasons why your dentist might recommend having a tooth extracted. It could be to treat a severely damaged tooth or one that has been excessively compromised by untreated tooth decay. At the same time wisdom teeth often need to be extracted to prevent pain and future complications. After the extraction, Dr. will… Read more »

A Look In and Out of the Tooth!
The anatomy of your teeth is something many people don’t think about and don’t think to ever look at. Here at , we think it’s important you have a more in-depth understanding of your tooth’s anatomy along with the emphasis of taking care of your smile (especially when it comes to brushing twice a day,… Read more »

The Fundamentals of Oral Cancer
Did you know that oral cancer affects over 40,000 new Americans every year? With such a high prevalence of the disease, you should check your mouth every day for any signs or symptoms. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, you should contact your dentist right away. Even if you don’t have cancer, your… Read more »

Clean Your Smile Before Bed by Doing These Things
Did you know it’s best to clean your smile twice a day: every morning and every night? It’s true! Oral hygiene is vital for your oral health. In the morning, it’s best to brush your teeth. At night, your routine is a little more complicated. To help you perform a successful before-bed oral hygiene routine,… Read more »

A Dental Crown Can Be Created from Different Materials
When a tooth suffers from a large cavity or chipped tooth enamel, it needs to be treated. If the compromised area of tooth enamel is small, Dr. might be able to repair it with a simple amalgam or composite resin filling. If the damage to the tooth is severe, our dentist might recommend replacing the… Read more »

How to Preserve Your Oral Health When You’re Pregnant
There’s no more important time to eat right than when you’re pregnant. By eating the right things, you can help your baby grow strong and healthy teeth. Use the following tips to make sure your diet is the best it can be for you and your child. As always, eating a variety of foods is… Read more »

Any Damage to a Crown Needs the Professional Attention of a Dentist
A crown is commonly cast from very durable dental grade materials such as gold, porcelain-ceramic, or base metal alloys. While this makes them invulnerable to tooth decay, it is still possible for a dental trauma or bad habit to chip or fracture a crown. People who have a bad habit of chewing on stray objects… Read more »

How Can You Treat an Abscessed Tooth?
You probably understand that there are several dental issues that can be uncomfortable and painful. For instance, you may know that tooth decay or a chipped tooth can lead to toothaches and sensitivity. You may also be aware that a damaged root canal might be extremely painful. However, would you be surprised to hear that… Read more »

Sharing Your Toothbrush: What You Should Know
Did you know that brushing and flossing can help you avoid problems like gum disease? Of course, there are a few other problems that could ultimately lead to gum disease. For instance, would you be surprised to hear that sharing your toothbrush could actually leave you more vulnerable to this problem? In fact, sharing your… Read more »

Your New Dentures Need Daily Oral Hygiene Care
The custom set of dentures fitted for you by Dr. have been designed to replace your missing or compromised teeth. This set of “false teeth” are set into a pink base that mimics the appearance of natural gum tissue. It also matches the shape of your gum structure for a firm, natural fit. Even with… Read more »

How Dental Veneers Can Help Your Smile
Do you ever wish there was something you could do to improve the color of your smile? Are you unhappy with small cracks or chips in your pearly whites? Yet, there are a number of solutions you may be able to consider, such as dental veneers. In fact, veneers are thin shells that are designed… Read more »

The Tricks to Maintaining a Clean and Pristine Toothbrush
If you take good care of your toothbrush, then there is a good chance you’ll achieve your smile and oral health goals. This is because oral hygiene is vital, and if you have the proper tools to clean your teeth and gums, you’ll be on the right track toward the strong and successful smile and… Read more »

Here Are Your Options for Fixing a Cracked Tooth
Cracked teeth are a common occurrence that we deal with in life. The right amount of pressure while chewing on solids such as popcorn kernels or ice can lead to a crack in your teeth. Bad habits such as teeth grinding or clenching your jaw can also start the process of cracking your teeth. If… Read more »

Folklore Surrounding Baby Teeth
Do you remember when you believed in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny? Think back on the excitement the prospect of losing a baby tooth brought. Knowing that the Tooth Fairy was going to come to take the tooth and leave money, whether it was a dime, quarter, or dollar, is a highlight of childhood…. Read more »

Chronic Dry Mouth Can Increase Your Chances of Developing Tooth Decay
The saliva in your mouth plays several important roles. Not the least of which is to help wash away food particles after you’re done eating. At the same time, chronic dry mouth also promotes the natural bacteria living in your mouth, increasing your chances of developing tooth decay. There are several potential causes of dry… Read more »

Resolving to Have Your Healthiest Smile Yet
Many of us are seeking to put our best foot forward for positive change in the new year. If you are making resolutions, don’t forget your smile! A healthy smile boosts your self-image and benefits your general health along the way. In fact, we would like to share the ADA’s (American Dental Association) suggestions for a… Read more »

Are There Alternatives to Flossing?
There are a number of important things you need to do if you’d like to keep your mouth healthy. For instance, you may know that you’ll need to floss your teeth every day. Sadly though, many people struggle with flossing for a variety of reasons. For instance, some people have a hard time flossing because… Read more »

The Depth of the Stains in Your Tooth Enamel Will Determine the Best Way to Whiten Your Smile
If you look at your tooth enamel under a powerful microscope, you would see a series of tiny pores and textures on the surface. When particles from dark foods and beverages become trapped in these areas, they can slowly penetrate your teeth, leading to significant stains. The depth of the stains in your smile will… Read more »

Oral and Systemic Health – The Link
If you were told that the health of your mouth was an indicator for the health of the rest of your body, you’d likely be pretty surprised – right? After all, how can your mouth give away the health of the rest of your body? Well, the truth is that if your mouth isn’t healthy,… Read more »

Understanding Dental Implants
We offer dental implants for our patients seeking long-lasting improvements to their smile. Unfortunately, there are some myths around dental implants that might deter some of our patients from looking into this type of restoration. To better understand implants, we would like to dispel some of these myths today. Myth: Dental implant…

Read more »

What to Do About an Impacted Tooth
Have you ever heard of impacted teeth? Do you ever wonder exactly what an impacted tooth could do the health of your smile? Do you know what you can do to address this issue? Fortunately, there are a number of things you could consider doing. An impacted tooth is a tooth that can’t fully emerge… Read more »

Foods You Need to Avoid if You Have Sensitive Teeth
It’s never fun to bite into one of your favorite foods only to experience a sudden burning or painful sensation. As you may know, if you’re experiencing this discomfort, you could have sensitive teeth. Do you know what could be causing your sensitivity, or if there are any foods you should consider staying away from?… Read more »

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